Best Destinations for Nature Lovers around the World. Part: II



The Indian sun continent has a diversified nature, it has the great Himalayas in the north and north-east, the Thar Desert in the west and it is covered Indian ocean on three sides. Starting from the north you will see the great Himalayas with peaks above 6000m, famous for trekking amongst the adrenaline junkies. India also has Leh Ladakh also known as cold dessert; it is clod because it is situated on the high altitude and dessert because it falls under rain shadow region of the wall of Himalayas. In the west you will see the Thar Desert, famous for camel safaris and the golden looking sand dunes. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in India are Kunchikal fall, Dudhsagar fall, Nohkalikai fall and Jog fall. Coming towards south you will see the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, the sea in Kanyakumari looks like it is a part of never-ending Horizon.


Brazil is largest country in South America, with Portuguese culture and the great Amazon Forest. Brazil is famous for its tropical climate and dense rainforest, if you are a fan of green trees and wild rivers Brazil is the place for you. Some of the natural wonders of Brazil are Sugar Loaf Mountain to enjoy the panoramic view and a stomach ticking cableway, also the highest peak of Brazil Pico da Neblina, wit6ness the sea life in Rocas Atoll and see the freshwater lagoons in the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Visit the Iguazú Falls for a spectacular view in feeling the cool mist from the great water fall on your face and never forget to witness the meeting of two great rivers, it feels like butterflies in your stomach when you see the muddy brown colored water of Amazon River meeting the dark blue waters of Rio Negro River and never miss the Smoke falls (Cachoeira da Fumaça). Ending with the Amazon forest, go for a safari in the forest and see amazing wildlife like Piranha fishes, amazon river dolphin, sloth, jaguar, anaconda, electric eel, spider monkey, pit viper, Amazonian giant centipede and many more exotic and dangerous wild creatures.


Australia an island with world’s most unique landscapes, it basically has everything from deserts to rainforests and from rivers to beaches. In Australia visit the home of kangaroos ‘Wilpena Pound’, and don’t forget to see the Uluru an massive rock formation in the middle of red desert, with great view at the time of sunset and sunrise also visit the isolated Kimberley. Coming to the rainforests, we come to Daintree Rainforest one of the most balanced and significant rainforest in the world with numerous enchanting hiking opportunities and UNSCEO world heritage site Kakadu National Park, with a variety of wildlife species. Go on for a hike to Mount Kosciuszko, highest in all the flat top mountains of Australia. Visit Shark bay to meet some wilfd dolphins and sometimes sharks too but be aware of them, they are wild! And go to  12 Apostles with the best diving routes of the continent. And lastly go pay a visit to world’s largest living thing Great Barrier Reef and sea one of the world’s most beautiful coral reef.

4.New Zealand

A small island in the Pacific Ocean, with a population of only 4.5 million people, definitely deserves to be on this list because of its diversified natural landscapes and rich natural vegetation. If you want to merely satisfy your love of nature and also enjoy a county’s city life New Zealand is the best place for you. From alpine terrain to amazingly beautiful and fun beaches it has all. Some of the must visit natural attractions for hikiers and trekkers are Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, Cape Reinga, Milford Sound national park, Mount Taranaki, Nelson Lakes National Park and Tongariro National Park. Come to other attractions they are the Devil’s bath or Wai-O-Tapu a geothermal park with colorful springs.  See some of the world’s most beautiful lakes in New Zealand, lake Tekapo and Nelson lakes. Koekohe beach is famous for the unique spherical boulders and Coromandel Peninsula is famous among the tourist and new Zealanders for a fun summer holiday.


The bigger the better, China being one of the World’s largest countries and it also bags the rank of nation with highest population in the world. But6 no other country can beat its artistic scenic beauty with dense forest, wild rivers, beautiful coastline and high peaks, what else does a nature lover would want. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with tall closely packed individual tower like structures made of sand stones, Li River and the pointy hills around it will certainly make you believe why Chinese paintings have mountains in the shape of waves and how can one forget Mount Everest the tallest standing mountain the world. Coming to rivers and beautiful forests China offers you river Yangtze flowing in the arms of Tiger Leaping George one of the deepest canons in the world and rainforest Jiuzhaigou’s with big turquoise pools and rainbow looking scenery. And lastly among all the tall peaks, comes another one made by the Pacific Ocean, the Qiantang tidal wave. It is almost 9 meters tall and come every year which is celebrated as a festival in china, the Chinese people believe that the largest tides form when the powers of moon, the sun and the wind come align.