Best Destinations for Nature Lovers around the World. Part: I


Nature has the power to heel your mind from the toxic city life you are living. For years travelers have been travelling to reach the farthest corners of the world to attain peace and to witness immense beauty of Mother Nature. If you travel for the love of nature, you want to witness all the wonders of nature in the world. We bring to you top Destinations you must visit if you have an eternal love for nature. The wonders of nature present on our world are endless in number but these destinations are the best ones.


Ever nature lover wants to go to Finland at least once in his lifetime. Finnish nature is diverse and can be witnessed throughout the ear. Frozen waterfalls in Finland are one of the most wonderful places in the word they look like swords hanging upside-down, swords made of ice.  To have the taste of true nature in Finland don’t forget to visits its national parks Nuuksio National Park, Kurjenrahka National Park, Pyhä-Luosto National and Koli National Park, don’t forget the view from the top Ukko Koli. Also never forget the lap lands where you can go for hiking, stay in wilderness cabins, get to know Finnish wildlife and closely watch reindeer, owls, flying squirrels and other animals. Witness Kaamos  (Polar Night), 24 hr. of complete darkness


Italy is ideally famous for its gastronomical offerings and the fine wine it servers to its tourist, but we can bet on it that if you are not a foodie Italy still has a lot to give you. Italy’s natural vegetation id diversified and breadth taking, from Alpine borders that it shares with Switzerland to stunning coast line.  Amazing rock formations, mesmerizingly beautiful mountain lakes and active Volcanoes are never to be missed. Lake  Lago di Braies is in the worm of mountains of Italy’s south Tyrol, The Gran Paradiso National Park a place where Italy’s nature is at its best, Lago di Garda or Lake Garda and The Dolomite Mountain Range ,North-east Italy are the places one must never miss when in Italy. The meadows of Tuscany region are something you will not find elsewhere, vacationing in Cascate del Mulino in the Italian town of Saturnia and the Grotta Azzurra sea cave are the reason why you will want to come back to Italyagain and again.


Thailand, this place deserves to be on this list on all terms. With tropical beaches, rich culture and of course Thai boxing Thailand never fails to disappoint you. Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park, Similan Islands, Khao Sok National Park and Ang Thong National Marine Park are some of the most famous national parks and beaches in Thailand. Erawan Falls is most beautiful falls in whole Thailand, followed by Thi Lo Su Waterfall, also never fail to miss elephant ride in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the Khao Yai National Park. Visit Tham Lot Cave, it is home of several species of bats and archeological remains that date back thousands of years of thai history. Lastly go on for a boat ride in the world’s largest river, Mekong River.


Next on our list is Ireland, a place whose postcard scenic beauty thrives in abundance, with endless grass lands, breadth taking trekking trails, cliff faces, waterfalls and dynamic rock formation. Burren National Park has a lunar landscape that ends till the horizon, it is made of limestone rocks that is why the land in white in color. Next comes the mesmerizing waterfalls the Torc Waterfall and Powerscourt Waterfall are the most beautiful water parks in Ireland. Coming to the cliffs and the coastlines, we start with Slieve League hike up to the top and enjoy the greatest scenic view of the coast line touching the Atlantic Ocean, Dun Bristé also known as the The Broken Fort, stands nearly at 150 feet tall and is a flat-topped sea; also the Cathedral Rocks, an amazing formation that feels like its has come out straight from a fancy magic novel. To end it we would like to mentions spots that you must visit are Clew Bay, Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway.


These laid back Pacific islands are a part of USA, Hawaii brings to you active volcanoes, lush green forest, amazing coastline and mesmerizing water falls all in one island. Hawaii brings to you the plethora od sea life by providing you with ‘n’ number of opportunities of scuba diving, snorkel, surf and to have a relaxing swim in the water. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve and Waipio Valley Lookout are some beaches you would like to visit, when in Hawaii. Volcanoes national park offers you an incredible chance to witness the active volcanoes straight coming out of the earth’s womb, the surrounding land is made up of cooled lava both old and new.  Waimea Canyon State Park, Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park and Mauna Kea are some of the most majestic mountain settings in the world. Mauna Kea is the highest mountain in Hawaii, and they say only expert hikkers sould try to attempt the climb on this huge mountain.