The states of North East India, also known as the seven sisters. Northeast is untouched by urbanization and is a place for soulful travelers. All the seven sisters i.e. Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and Tripura are well versed with different Tribes with Rich Culture, amazing Flora and Fauna, Wind life and different terrain. All the Sisters share International borders with countries China, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal. In this blog we are going to help with some information about each of the sisters’ so that you can plan your Vacation well.

  1. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh also famous as the birth place of 6th Dalai Lama. Famous for its lush green forest and Mesmerizing natural beauty. Arunachal Pradesh is also known as the land of rising sun. Tawang city is one of the famous tourist tractions of Arunachal Pradesh and this city is famous for Tawang Monestry founded in mid-17TH century. The sixth Dalai Lama was born in this monastery. The Tawang Monastery is also known as the ‘Galden Namgyal Lhatse.’ This monastery is a virtual treasure trove of Tibetan Buddhist culture.

2. Meghalaya:-

Meghalaya which is a Sanskrit word where ‘meg’ means clouds and ‘Halaya’ refers to residence, so it literally means Residence of clouds, Meghalaya fully justifies this name. It is considered as one of the wettest places in the world under the sun. Shillong Capital city of Meghalaya it is a city every indian must visit, with beautiful green terrain, lakes, peaks, waterfalls, golf course and many more.  Lei Shyllong a great Idol with a lot of cultural significance is worshiped at the peak of shilling. Cherrapunjee, another important city in Meghalaya well known for its beautiful waterfalls Noh Kalikai Falls, Thelen Falls, and Noh Sngithiang Falls. The enchantingly beautiful forest of Meghalaya are also very dense and the are the home of rarre species of wildlife like elephants, Tigers, Golden Cats, Binturongs, Slow Loris, Monkeys and birds like Hornbills, Partridges, Teals, Snipes and Quails.

3. Sikkim

Sikkim is like heaven to all the nature lovers as it is present in the footsteps of the eastern Himalayas also famous for peaks like Goechela and Kanchenjunga the third highest peak in the world. Sikkim is the home of over 200 species of birds and over 550 species of butterflies.  The capital city Gangtok, home of great Tibetian Buddish Culture well known for its cultural heritage and Buddhist shrines. Popular places to visit in Sikkim are Tsomgo Lake, Yumthang Valley, Nathu La Pass, Changey, Rimbi, Khangchendzonga waterfalls, and the Khecheopalri Lake.

Lachung which means  “Small Pass” is another famous city in Sikkim close to Indo- china boarder. It is famous for Lachung Monastery, apple orchids, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary and Yumthang Chu flowing. One needs to take permission from government to visit this beauty of nature.

4. Assam

Assam is a city full of colors, faith and humble people. Assam not only brings to you beautiful landscapes, great wild life but also is rich in cultural diversity. People of different faiths live here and all of them follow it with full devotion. The shrines, monasteries and temples here have a different vibe altogether, and they make you sink in these positive vibes.

One of the most famous cities in Assam is Guwahati, entrance to many other north eastern cities of India. From amazing street food, to rich culture and fast growing urbanisms of Guwahati never disappoints anyone. Major attractions of Sikkim are, Majuli and Dekaikhowah Bornaamghar in Jorhat, Agnighar and Kolia Bhomora Setu in Tezpur, Digboi oil refinery, Arboretum and Umwang in Dhipu.

5. Manipur

Manipur is one of the Most Beautiful cities in India. The breadth taking green lands, mountains, water fall, dense forest, Blue lakes and much more are the heart of Manipur.  Manipur is also very famous for delicious local food like Kangshoi, Eromba, Morok Metpa, Singju, Paaknam, etc. Places to visit in  Manipur are Senapati, Andro to explore local artistry, Khongjom, Dzukou Valley a valley of dreams, Thoubal famous for trekking trails, and many more. Manipur is also famous for handloom and handicraft, one can shop from the local markets.

6. Mizoram

Mizoram is the home of 21 prominent peaks, long valleys, rivers and enchantingly beautiful lakes. This little state bring you a full treat of adrenaline rush, by giving you chance to go on amazing trekking trains, mountain biking, camping in the dense green forest and what not. Some of the major attractions of Mizoram are Phawngpui Hills, Phulpui Grave, Memorial of Chhingpui, Vantawang Falls, Palak lake and Thenzawal is a small town known for its grassy slopes and tranquil environment.

7. Tripura

Tripura offers you satisfying dose of historical significance along with the untouched natural beauty, it is surrounded by international Borders of Bangladesh on most of the sides. Tripura brings to you many places of historical significance like Ujjayanta Palace, Sipahijola Wild life Sanctuary, Jampui Hills, Kalibari Temples, and Tripura Sundari Temple in Udaipur, Neermahal Palace, Ujayant Palace and Jagannath Temple. Attend the famous Kharchi Puja and head to the Chaturdasha Devta temple in the city of Agartala. This festivals lasts for seven days and brings together all sections of the society, both tribal and those from plains. During the festival, the deities are taken out of the temple to the river Saidra and brought back to the temple when the actual ritual starts. During the festiva;l the locals/tribals dance the folk dance forms which is a delight to one’s eyes.

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