6 Things Hampi is Unusually Unique for.


Hampi situated in Karnataka, India. Also known as the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, it has great mythological and historical significance that reflects in the lives of the local people. Hampi feeds the hunger of a traveller by providing opportunities like rock climbing, cliff diving, monuments with rich in history, also the temples and caves with great mythological significance that take you back to Treta yug of Hindu mythology.  

Hampi got its place in the list World Heritage site of UNESCO, attracting tourists from all over the world.  

Most of the people see Hampi only with the eyes of history and mythology but it also provides you with a great opportunity to relax and get a detox to form the city life. One and witness beautiful sunsets, party at hippie island, shop in the local bazaars and much more.

  • Party all night in Hippie Island

Island is on the other side of Tungabhadra River, it is a place that most of the tourist choose to stay, simply because of its relaxing vibes and calm environment. Another reason why Hippie Island is preferred by the tourist is because of its nightlife, there are several restaurants and clubs situated in the main market that serve amazing food and drinks. The ambience on the restaurants gives you fun hippie-like vibes. You can also stroll in the market and chill till late at night.

  • Do Cliff Diving but beware of the crocs

There are several spots for Diving from the rocky Cliffs on the banks of the Tungabhadra River or in the Sanapur Lake. But before diving consult a local or a tour guide as you might accidentally bump into crocodiles ending in a very unfortunate surprise. You’ll find better spots for cliff diving on hippie island side and behind Shri Virupaksha Temple.

  • Go on a Rock Climbing Tour 

If you are an Adeline junkie and a crazy fan of bouldering Hampi will never go off your bucket list. Hampi has a rocky landscape and is the best place for bouldering in India, people from all over India especially come here for rock climbing and bouldering. Many bouldering schools here provide you with basic and advanced level courses.

One of the most famous bouldering sites in Hampi are spotted at the Hemakuta hill, Matanga Hill, and around the premises of Tiruvengalantha Temple and Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple. Climbers can find only a few pre-defined paths and bolt protected bouldering, which is spread all over the ruins of Hampi. The largest free-standing boulders are located at the Hemkuta hill. The sister rocks were previously a famous spot for bouldering but since 2011 they’ve been shut down due to the increasing gaps because of the hooks.

  • Meet Lakshmi and fall in love with her Instantly

You might be wondering who is Lakshmi and why she is on this list, Lakshmi is an Elephant who lives in Virupaksha Temple. Lakshmi is considered holy and according to many daily visitors of the temple, she is the living incarnation of Lord Ganesha.

Another the reason why she is on the list is that she is really really smart and mind you never try to trick her. Lakshmi is well trained by her mahout, and she will give you a blessing by placing her trunk on your head, only when you offer her a 10 rupee note. Many have tried to trick her, but unfortunately all have failed in front of this smart girl.

  • Live in the outskirts like a Local

A lot of people who have already visited Hampi suggest you live in the main market besides Virupaksha Temple. But, you can choose to live in New Hampi 4kms away from the market, it is quiet here and you can closely watch the life of local people. I was invited by a lady ‘priyank amma’ who lived in the house next to our homestay for dinner, they served us dinner very nicely and it almost felt as if I am back home. She had cooked Andra style chicken for us with plain rice and roties. I will always suggest New Hampi over Hampi for homely feeling.

  • Lastly, go for a coracle ride. 

If you always have been fascinated by the walnut looking boat and wanted to ride on it, if so you are in the right place. Hampi has two main spots for coracle ride Tungabhadra River and Sanapur waterfall.

The only difference is in Tungabhadra River you can see the busy Hampi city along the banks of the river while sitting in the coracle and Sanapur waterfall you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, the mist of the waterfall makes the ride even more pleasing and relaxing.