North Africa

“ In Morocco never be surprised. If you see a donkey flying, just say Allah is capable of anything.” A famous Morocco proverb. This country is one of it’s kind but more is the city of Fez. It once used to be the capital of Morocco and also happens to be the second-largest city in the country. Fez’s beauty is most underrated. No cars are allowed in the city which means it has to be covered by foot. Not losing its authenticity, Fez provides its tourists which amazing scenery, photographic and medieval views. It has some of the most extinguished buildings, right from the world’s one of the oldest universities to the traditional leather dyeing techniques. The puddles formed for purifying and cleansing the leather are multicolored all made out of natural extract giving the brown land a colorful edge. Not just that the food is as exotic as it can be. A hub for nonvegetarians but finding vegetarian food can be a task. Other than that the city is well known for its history and architecture. Finding accommodation in old Fez is easy and efficient, not too heavy on the pockets.  So, pack your bags and travel to this city of extreme variety from desert to flowers, from camels to horses and from water to falafels.